Projects & references

A selection of references (by Amal Jarrar-Künzel)

1997 Sardinia
International press launch of the all-new AUDI A6 in Sardinia‘s Cala di Volpe

1997 Frankfurt/Main
Event support for the press department on the occasion of the all-new AUDI A2 debut during the Frankfurt Motor show

1998 Biarritz
International press launch of the all-new AUDI A6 Avant in Biarritz, France

As of 2010 incorporated as amalia events GmbH

03/2010 Ingolstadt 
AUDI AG's annual press conference

05/2010 Ingolstadt
AUDI AG, 121st Annual General Meeting 

09/2010 Paris 
Event support for AUDI AG's press conference at the Paris Salon Mondiale de l`Automobile

03/2011 Ingolstadt 
Annual press conference: Creation of a new event style to provide delegates with a hands-on experience of AUDI AG's latest technical achievements

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