Service Portfolio


  • Client consultations to establish precise event parameters
  • Organization & strategic planning
  • Communications & documentation


  • Producing a substantive event proposal,for a consistent theme
  • Conception of event, including the development of a motto and logo and/or maintaining your CI
  • Hotel & location scouting
  • Planning of event sequence, including media concept
  • Planning the event including technical solutions
  • Profiling concept for brand and product(s) 
  • Main presentations and the side-bar program 


  • Logistics planning
  • Guest management 
  • Technical and architectural planning
  • Media production 
  • Preparation of bid documents
  • Negotiations with third party service providers
  • Booking services and drafting contracts (i.e. hotel, location, catering, logistics etc.)
  • Production management and support (i.e. print materials)
  • Including fiscal and accounting requirements during the planning stage
  • Including any special guest requirements
  • Including special requirements for product handling

We provide end-to-end solutions for running and coordinating your project. Please let us know which services or service sections you are interested in. For us, quality is not a matter of budget.